Math tutoring built for the 21st century

One-on-one tutoring completely reimagined! Top-tier instructors, daily practice, and on-demand help. All at an unbeatable price.

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8 out of 10 Genius students have increased their math grades by at least one grade score

Our students can't believe how easy and effective Genius is

I went from a C to an A+! Using Genius is like having a master teacher, who resonates with your personality, structures your education and holds you accountable, all at the tip of your finger and available 24/7.

Cecilia Zhiou
11th grader

I love how personal it feels. I feel like my instructor and I are really best friends, and that really motivates me to do better. I can't believe I'm getting a B+ now.

Jakobi Brown
8th grader

First the personalized lesson plan gets right to the point so that I don't waste any time. Second, whenever I need help, Mr. Greenwood is available. It's amazing and so much better than normal school. I actually like math now.

Grant Whitlock
12th grader

How it works

Your child matching one of our amazing instructors

1) Match with just the right Genius instructor

Best of the best

We only recruit the top 1% of former school teachers to become instructors for Genius.

Vast array of teaching styles

Hundreds of instructors means we have just the right teaching style to match your child's personality & keep them engaged.

Research-based match

Your child takes a 5 question survey on their learning style and our research-based algorithm recommends the best instructor for them.

Our awesome features

2) Meet with instructor to create a tailored learning plan

Personalized learning plan

During the initial consult, our expert instructor will create a learning plan tailored to your child's current situation & goals.

Regular check-ins

Your child will meet live with their instructor at least 1x per week to check-in on progress & adjust the learning plan to their current goals & stuck points at school.

Complete transparency

Our instructors guarantee success and we keep you in the loop with simple and easy-to-access progress reports.

Our awesome features

3) Build proficiency through regular practice

Start practicing right away

Our software dynamically breaks up your child's learning goals into bite-size milestones.

20-minute chunks

Milestones are semi-daily and 80% of our successful students spend an average of only 20 minutes / day completing them.

Our awesome features

4) Get help 24/7 and on-demand

On-demand help

Your child can message their instructor for on-demand help 24/7 whenever they are having an issue, with no limit.

Proactive progress monitoring

Your child's instructor monitors their progress & reaches out when your child is stuck or disengaged.

Stop overpaying for tutoring. Stop trusting your child's education to just anyone. Start getting the results your child deserves.

It's a Genius idea.

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